Games you can do with your children during the holidays


As we have mentioned in past posts, family vacations are unforgettable experiences which become memories that we treasure in our memory. One of the experiences that make vacations unforgettable are the times of play, it is there that as adults we step out of the role of "strict parents" and allow ourselves to take out that inner child that we all have.
Below we will give you some ideas of activities you can do with your children on vacation.

Album of memories: Before arriving at your place of destination, you can stop and get an agenda or make one with recyclable materials. The idea is that once you are with your children in their place of destination they can record everything that happens on the trip, collect some shells, leaves stones that are around and paste them into the album. This will make the boys explore their imagination, be surprised with the world and connect with the place they chose for the holidays.
Hidden treasure: Another very fun activity that can be done in any chosen space is the "hidden treasure hunt" in this activity, the idea is to hide some object (it can be a surprise, some gift they want to make) and mark it with an X. Then the others will have the mission of finding the treasure. Here they can even build a map with objects they find around.
Water war: this activity is fascinating and fun, perfect for adults and children. For the war they can use different elements such as: water filled bombs, water pistols, choose a natural container and use it as a water container.
Horseback Riding: A fun way to get to know the surroundings of the place you decided to travel to.
Diving and exploring the seafloor up close: Children have incredible astonishment, which is why exploration games will always be their favorites. Diving can be an option, however, hiking in exotic and unknown places for them works great.
Free play: The game should not always be directed and the children are experts in it. Let yourself go and that the games arise naturally is a unique way to have fun.
How are you? Surely some of the activities mentioned brought back memories of your childhood. As you can see, the most important thing about vacations is to spend quality time and there is nothing better than carrying out activities that allow contact and strengthen family ties.