Practice a water sport in Menorca


The calm Mediterranean waters that surround Menorca make this island a paradise for water sports. Practice and, why not learn since both for services, as for climate and water quality, Menorca is the perfect place to make contact with any discipline that has the sea as a backdrop.

Its geological features - very differentiated between north and south - allow us to offer the most appropriate conditions according to the chosen activity, from the environment to the seabed.

Surely Menorca can offer you an activity that you want to try. For example: Submanirismo. Immersing yourself in crystalline waters, contemplating the posidonia meadows (the secret of cleaning this island's waters), exploring underwater caves or bumping into the flora and fauna that live under the sea are exciting experiences.

As it is to cross the sea, climbed a Kayak and shoveling in search of placid white sand coves with turquoise waters or secret grottos. And if what you want is to get on a board, play with the waves and test your balance, nothing better than learning windsurfing or stand-up paddle.

We cannot forget, among all the options, sailing by boat or sail. The most traditional but no less exciting or fun.