Aquatic activities to do in Menorca


When you decide to choose a paradise like the Mediterranean to spend your holidays, undoubtedly one of the activities that you can not miss is water sports. The crystal clear waters, the biodiversity and the delicious climate, will allow you to live a unique experience that you will undoubtedly want to repeat. Here we will mention some activities that you can share with those you love the most and want to spend an unforgettable vacation.


Menorca has unique landscapes full of cliffs, stalactite caves and stalagmites, ancient shipwrecks, its crystal clear waters make diving one of the most attractive exploration activities. The best of all is that whether you are a beginner or an expert in diving you can enjoy this experience.


The flyboard is connected through a hose to the water outlet of a jet ski, which drives strongly and can reach a height of 7 meters above the surface. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Well, this is a very interesting and fun way to feel what you're flying.


This modality has taken force during the last years and is currently one of the activities most requested by tourists. Nothing like feeling the breeze hit your face while running at a great speed on a jet ski, on the island you will find different places where you can acquire one together with all the security equipment and the conditions to enjoy this activity.


Be expert or beginner in Windsurfing, In Menorca you will find the beach that suits your level of experience. Adjust your candles, keep your balance and with the help of the breeze you walk on the beautiful crystalline waters of the Mediterranean.


Sailing in a Kayak is considered one of the easiest water sports that exist, since it does not require previous training and you can practice it on your own or with friends. You will relive a great experience sailing through calm waters while you know the most beautiful coves of the island.

There are so many water sports that you can practice in Menorca. Visit the island and live an unforgettable experience.